Tooth Extractions

Historically tooth extractions were avoided at all costs, but with today’s technology we are able to think and treatment plan differently. If a tooth becomes weak and cannot be saved, or leaving the tooth may cause an adjacent tooth to be lost from the enlargement of a periodontal pocket, extractions are recommended. It is also possible to have a situation where leaving the tooth will mean less bone support later for a partial or implants. At the time of extraction the doctor may perform socket preservation, guided tissue regeneration or osseous (bone) recontouring. Please feel free to call us with any questions about tooth extractions in Savannah, GA, Savannah Office Phone Number 912-352-2021.

Socket Preservation

Several techniques can be used to preserve the bone and minimize bone loss adjacent to the socket. In one common technique, the tooth is removed and the socket and any associated deformity are then filled with bone or bone substitute, and may be covered with a bio-compatible barrier and/or treated with tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage your body’s natural ability to repair itself by regenerating lost bone and tissue.

Finally, the gum is closed and healing is allowed to take place. Depending on your individual needs, the bone usually will be allowed to develop for about four to 12 months before your implant placement or restorative treatment can be completed. However, in some cases, temporary or provisional restorative care can be provided at the same time the tooth is extracted and the socket is preserved to maximize esthetics, comfort and function.